Family Intervention Services

It's challenging to help a loved one struggling with any type of addiction. Sometimes a direct, heart-to-heart conversation can start the road to recovery. But when it comes to addiction, the person with the problem often struggles to see it and acknowledge it. A more focused approach is often needed. You may need to join forces with others and take action through a formal intervention.

Examples of addictions that may warrant an intervention include:

  • Alcoholism
  • Prescription drug abuse
  • Street drug abuse

It is recommended that family interventions include a seasoned professional who acts as a facilitator of the process.  Because of the very nature that an intervention includes communicating highly emotional information for all involved, it is best to have a guide that assists in the process in order to achieve the goals of interventions; to convince your loved one of their need to seek treatment and recovery from alcohol and/or drug use.

As mentioned, an intervention is a process and involves multiple sessions for those involved.  It is a large commitment of time and resources for the family and loved ones of the one in need of intervention services.  DJM Recovery Solutions staff are well equipped to walk participants through this process and to assist in the pre and post ground work needed to assist your loved in their journey to recovery.


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