Remembering DJM

Allow me to introduce you to my son Douglas James Miller (DJM)- The desire for creating this private practice was born out of his untimely passing from a substance related death in 2014.  After his passing I spent many hours wondering what went wrong, how it could have been different for him?    Doug had gone through multiple treatments and remained sober for short periods of time following his treatments, only to relapse not long after each completion. What I realized was that although Doug had received quality recovery services, the high levels of stress along with few support mechanisms  following treatment led to eventual relapses. 

As I reflected on his recovery journey, I realized that gaining access to individualized aftercare support and coping tools is difficult to find and get engaged in but is key to long term recovery and success. I felt strongly then, and I still do, that stress management, coping strategies and ongoing support, resiliency training and relationship healing is many times lacking in our long-term recovery continuum of care.

By sharing this with you, I want you to know that, addiction can and does happen in all kinds of families, regardless of income, education, or profession. It is through my own personal and professional experience that I feel uniquely qualified to assist other individuals in early recovery to stay on the right path and to assist families in their healing process and recovery from the devastating effects of addiction.  This has now become something that I am extremely passionate about.

No doubt, I will always miss Doug.  My hope is that having gone through this loss, that I can honor Doug's memory and walk along with you on your journey in recovery.