Drug Free Safety Program - Supervisor Training

This training is meant to equip supervisors with knowledge and awareness of their role within the Drug Free Workplace program.  Their specific responsibilities and education on how to carry those out are imperative to correctly implementing the program and limiting liability for the company.  Training is provided as two hours for a first-year company and then one hour annually following the first year.  Supervisors are required to attend the employee training along with the supervisor training.  Training is specific to supervisor roles.  A look at some of the topics that are covered include:

  • Indications of use of the Seven Major Drug Categories.
  • Knowledge of Occasions of testing and the do’s and dont’s of each.
  • Learning to navigate the liability tightrope that we walk as supervisors.
  • What are the limitations on supervision?
  • How to identify addiction and address it in the workplace
  • How to make a recommendation for Follow up after a positive drug or alcohol test
  • Treatment options and community resources available in your community

The staff at DJM Recovery Solutions has been providing Ohio Drug Free Workplace services since 2004.  They are seasoned trainers who bring with them a wealth of knowledge to navigate the Ohio BWC system and can assist you in making sure you are following all requirements of the program.  Training provided live and on site at your location ( or other designated location).

Please call for information on how we can meet your individualized needs (440)-367-8834